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Proton+ was established to service strategic and long-term clients in the Commercial, Hotel, Aged Care, Federal Government and Higher Education sector. We are a team of highly experienced, dedicated and qualified staff, with directly relevant expertise and experience in delivering innovative outcomes for our clients.

We thrive on meeting and exceeding client expectations. We approach our client relationships as a partnership in which we aspire to add value to the success and feasibility of all projects. One of our core values is to only provide a service if it will add genuine value to a project. In fact, we are confident that our approach will save you money and lead to the best quality built result.

From the earliest possible stage, we see clear and open communication as fundamental to the success of the project and the relationship with the client. From the project commencement and as the project progresses we continue to maintain our focus on delivering to achieve your project performance requirements.

With every assignment we seek to identify the unique needs, aspirations and objectives of all the stakeholders in the project process; principals, investors, the community and the users of the built environments that we help to create.

Our experience in the delivery of projects, ranging from simple to complex includes client side project management, consultant and contractor procurement, cost management, stakeholder and information management, multi-disciplined design management including architectural and engineering services, project definition, cost management, and all other project related elements.

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